Coincidence Or Divine Intervention?

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Today was chilly and breezy but no rain or snow. The lawn needed to be mowed for the last time this fall. I must do it today. Ugh! Bundled up from head to toe, I tumbled out the door to the shed to pull out the mower. Once the mower was out of the shed, I made sure the start switch was turned correctly and gave the rope a pull.

But nothing happened, no sound at all. I pulled again-nothing-pulled again and again and again getting madder with each pull. Yelling an expletive, I kicked the thing, held my foot and tried to calm down. Since praying is what I do, I actually told God that I needed to mow the lawn today because due to the calendar, soon I would need a snow blower instead of a lawn mower. Please, please send help. I pulled the rope. Believe it or not, the mower started. I whispered thank yous and apologies under my breath the whole time I was mowing!

Now, you may say and you have every right to say, "Oh that was just a coincidence. If you wouldn't have prayed, the mower would have started on that pull anyway." Hmmm I might agree with you except for the fact that this kind of thing happens to me on a regular basis. For instance, I wanted to have Italian Beef for a party I was hosting. When I inquired at the deli and they didn't have what I wanted, another customer standing next to me overheard my question and decided to get involved. She turned to me and said, "I have a yummy and easy recipe for Italian Beef. She then proceeded to write it out for me from memory with her pen on my grocery list!

Another time, I lost a book with crucial information I needed for a talk I was giving the next day. After looking for it everywhere, I gave up and asked God to show me where it was. I went about my day figuring it would show up when I needed it. As I was leaving the house to take the dog for a walk, I remembered I needed to remove something from the backseat. When I tried to open the sliding door on our van, it was stuck. So I opened the passenger door, climbed in and around the front seat to see if I could open the stuck door from the inside. As I pulled the door I looked down and there was the book! Are these examples purely coincidence or in fact God-interventions?

I choose to believe they are small examples of how intensely God intends to be involved in the lives of those who love him and want him to be involved. These aforementioned items are trivial compared to the BIG HARD questions involving life and death, terminal diseases, child abuse, human trafficking, murder, war etc. These are HUGE questions which humans have asked as long as there has been a human race. I've asked them myself. I can only tell you my story and let you be the judge.


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Coincidence Or Divine Intervention?

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This article was published on 2011/03/24